20' x 40' Rental Exhibits for Infosonics

20'x40' Rental exhibit fully wrapped in a monotone orange theme.

The Infofonics Exhibit:

Infosonics monotone-orange theme stood out in an exhibit hall full of standard tradeshow booths.
20 x40 trade show rental communications exhibit fully wrapped in a monotone�orange theme.
Exhibit contains built-in phone display areas with line and feature cards.
Lifestyle graphic walls add to unique design style.

More of the Mostre Gallery:

ACTIVEHEALTH - Lightweight exhibit example, shown in two configurations.

SEPHORA - Interior enclosure enhances the company's brand. Glass walls define the space and promote an open and bright environment.

PROTECT-A-BED - A mattress pad manufacturer's showroom includes actual bed displays and features a 3' x 32' wall graphic to set the tone of the display area.

DISGUISE - 40,000 watts of light, bright colors and maximum height makes a big impact on tradeshow exhibit for new product line launch.

AT&T - An outdoor display for AT&T used as a product branding environment outside of major concert events.

SCRIPPS - A 10'x20' Nomadic Designline exhibit.

AEGIS - A 10'x10' Pop-up tradewhow exhibit with, photo mural designed and produced by MostreNewMedia.

PICTURA - 20' x 20' Island exhibit featuring multiple 16' fabric murals.

LECHUZA - Simple trade show booth workstations with colorful detail graphics, large product shots and actual planter units combine for a cohesive message about style and function.