The m/plan process sets Mostre apart from the competition with an approach that continually focuses on how to best achieve results in display marketing. It's this approach that enables us to blend art with science to consistently realize a greater return on our client's investment.

The m/plan Process allows us to shape solutions that join the functional requirements and corporate personality with strict adherence to our client's budget constraints. The process embraces hybrid design solutions, provides a platform for open thinking on production techniques and helps everyone take the long view on even the smallest of projects. It saves time and money and it provides the framework of strong communication during all phases of the exhibiting experience.

The m/plan Process involves (4) Phases:

1) We Mark your Course

We set Goals and objectives so that your project is effectively integrated with your marketing strategies, and brings a greater return on investment.

The Strategic Planning Document
Section 1, Client Specifics
Section 2, Marketing Strategy Intake
Section 3, Exhibit Function Intake

2) We Make your Mark

Mostre brings its creative and engineering expertise through its use of Hybrid Design and Production methods to ensure high quality and exceptional value in lowering logistics costs. We actively engage our clients in the design phase details and considerations being made regarding their project.

3) We Manage the Show

We handle the details so you don't have to. From labor and drayage, to freight and logistics. We're there if you need us.

4) We Make the Difference

We value long-term relationships with our clients. We become your partner in follow-up analysis to quantify your results. We maintain your investment through our warehouse and refurbishment services.

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Phase 1 / Marking your Course - The Strategic Planning Document
Section 1, Client Specifics

* Company Name
* Client Name
* Address
* State
* Zip
* Phone

* Fax

* Email
* Company Website
* Show Name and Opening Date
* Show Location
* Move-in dates
* Show management phone
    number and Contact
* Exhibit Space Size
* Height Allowance
Section 2, Marketing Strategy Intake

Why do you exhibit at trade shows (e.g. sales leads, new distributors, recruiting)?

Please describe your product or service in detail, including an example of how your products are used:

What are your specific target markets?
Who buys your product (functional titles)?

Please describe these buyers (for example, "analytical", "like to touch the product", "make buying decisions based on data vs. emotion"):

Who are your competitors and what is your product's advantage over the competition?

How does your company position itself within the marketplace? What is your company's Branding or Positioning Strategy?

Briefly describe your present overall marketing strategy

List 4 adjectives that describe the image that your company wants to promote in the marketplace
(For example, "progressive", "conservative", "seasoned", etc.)





What is the Experience you seek to create for your customers and prospects?

Corporate personality:
On a scale from one to ten (Ultra-conservative=1, Avant Garde=10), rate the company

Is this the image you want us to reflect, or would you like the exhibit to reflect a change in corporate personality?

Section 3, Exhibit Function Intake
Please list the multiple space sizes & height allowances you'll need this exhibit to perform within.
*Space size
Space size
Space size

Will your markets, audiences and/or products change from show to show? If so, please elaborate.

What is your approved Exhibit Budget for this project?

In order to utilize resources as efficiently as possible, we require an established budget on every exhibit project. If you are unsure about how to establish a budget, we can provide you with current industry data to assist you in developing one. Please do not hesitate to discuss this very important issue with us if you are unsure.

Exhibit Budget:

Graphics Budget:
Your previous exhibit:
What worked well?

What would you improve upon?

Indicate the activities you'll conduct with visitors:

1-on-1 demos
theater presentations
promotional games

private conferences
writing orders
Literature Disbursement:
Displayed for visitors to take on their own (self-service)
Handed out by exhibit staff based on qualifying
Will you place additional equipment, other than that required to demonstrate your product, in your exhibit, such as:
continuous loop video
badge reader

Product Demonstrations: Describe your product's physical attributes-- (size, weight, and color):

Please describe your presentation equipment

Monitors used: quantity

CPUs/Servers: quantity

Peripherals: type/size

Theater/Group Presentations:     Yes No

How many audience members?

How many presenters?

Will presentation be:



Conference Rooms/Discussion Areas:



Open discussion areas

How many conference rooms needed?

How many people in each conference room?

Registration/Information Desk: Yes No

How many hosts/hostesses?

Locked storage: Yes No

Walk in storage space required? Yes No

Please describe storage requirements:

Aesthetic Requirements

Please indicate specific colors we should avoid (e.g. the competition's colors):

Please indicate specific colors you definitely want to see in this exhibit:

Please specify any finishes we should avoid? (e.g. woods, metallics, glosses):

Please specify any finishes you definitely want to see in this exhibit:

Do you want to place graphics detailing each product in its displayed area?
Yes No

What is your company's primary benefit statement?

Are there any taglines or themes to incorporate into the design?

Are there existing graphics you'd like to reuse from your previous exhibit?
(Please describe type and size)

Graphic standards:

PMS colors



During our design-planning meeting, any printed information you can provide will be very helpful, such as:

  • Product specification sheets
  • Company literature
  • Logo artwork, and approved usage guidelines (if applicable)
  • Photos of your current exhibit or of display elements you like
  • The floorplan for the 1st show, indicating your booth location

If you are a design-oriented person and have specific ideasabout the layout or
design of your exhibit, please feel free to describe, or sketch, your vision.

Be sure to fax us a copy at (760) 918-9971